Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catch Words and Phrases

I find it interesting how words become popular. A few years ago I wrote a book called The Relational Way and now today "relational" has become a buzz word in the church--not because of my book for sales have not been that great. At that time I thought I was pitching something unique, but now it is a band wagon. But the problem is that the word has been watered down to mean almost anything. The same is true of one of my other passions. When The Missional Church was written 12 years ago, it was a unique term but now people are using to mean a lot of different things. As a result such words and therefore any prophetic meaning behind them gets discounted because they have become buzz words that become empty in their popular usage. Not sure what to do as my blog is called what it is not because these are popular terms but because these are my passions. I would name the blog this even if they were not buzz words. It's a shame that the popularity of the terms has not resulted in more book sales. Oh well. I write what I do not to sell but because I must. That's all for now.


Randall Neighbour said...

Scott, I for one would love to see a comparison of what you term missional and what is termed missional by many today that isn't really missional.

Maybe a future blog entry?

Scott Boren said...

This will be a part of the upcoming book that will be released in November. I don't have a file to send to you.