Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ready to Write Again

I have been stuck. I guess you could call it writer's block. I am not sure. I think it has more to do with being formed for a new season. I feel that since I sent in my draft to Missional Small Groups that I was being formed for something new and that I had nothing to write. This is hard for a writer. I felt that I nothing to say on my blog. I had nothing to write on Twitter or Facebook. And I definitely could not shape paragraphs for a book, even though I had deadlines and ideas swirling around in my head. I could only jot down notes, pile up ideas in my journal and try to listen to what God has been doing within me. I feel that it has more to do with coming to the end of myself than anything. I feel that I have nothing to be smart about or sound brilliant about. I am simply me, a farm kid from Texas, with an undergraduate degree he does not use, who reads too much because he feels he does not know enough to do what he passionately feels called to do. I guess this might be called insecurity, but that seems so banal (whatever that means). Anyway, it is time to get off my duff and just be me. I guess I am reeling a bit after completing Missional Small Groups because I put forth my ideas and self more there than in anything else and I withdrew from the risk. Now I need to risk again ... dive in to what I know I am called to do ... write and write with all of myself. Let's see where it takes us. Holy Spirit I wait on you.


Michael C. Mack said...
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Michael C. Mack said...

Scott, love your passion and authenticity. I do understand your feelings. (Of course, having nothing to say has never stopped ME!)

One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” I'm looking forward to what he will write next through you, bro!

Ben Chilcote said...


God used your writing in The Relational Way to open my eyes to The Kingdom. He has further plans ahead, I'm sure. Hang in there!


Ben Chilcote said...

Now that I think of it...

I forget where I you say this but I heard you say on a talk you gave that you are trying to figure out how to live relationally when you have a family, kids to get in bed early, etc. If you're looking for something to write about, I'd love to hear your recent thoughts on how a family can live relationally as a lifestyle. I have 3 kids, 5, 3 & newborn and my wife and I are trying to figure out how you live missionally with small kids. I don't want to seperate ministry and family because my kids need to learn life in the Kingdom.

Do you have any thoughts to share? Or anyone else reading this?


Scott Boren said...

Thx to both of you for the encouraging words. I feel that this writer's block period has been a time of formation for me. It seems that this is more important in God's eyes anyway.