Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is My Next Step on the Journey

I've learned to see that following Jesus is not about arriving at the right destination but about journeying toward a new future with the Spirit. If we conceive of our life in Christ as destination then it might be easy for some to see life on earth as waiting until their ticket is punched to go to the other side. But if life is a journey with Christ through the Spirit then each day is a new opportunity to take unexpected steps with Jesus and experience God in a relational way.

I spend a lot of time praying, imagining and preparing for future events and strategies as a part of my role on the church staff. This week I'm putting the final touches on some things we are doing this Fall. This made me think about the Fall and how it is the time to take new steps after a summer of enjoying the Minnesota sun. I began to reflect on my journey with Jesus and pray about the next leg.

Some might think I'm talking about big decisions or life altering questions. And while that might be the case for some, most of the time I've found that a healthy journey with Jesus actually involves taking simple small steps in a consistent manner. Sometimes Jesus asks us to take leaps of faith, but I've found that taking small consistent steps of faith to be even more important.

Something that helps me take these small steps is to ask a simple question: What is the next step on my journey with Jesus? For each of us the answer to this question is different. The key is to ask it and wait on the Spirit to guide you. The answer won't come like you expect, but God has a way of leading even she we don't quite get what he is saying.

Are you asking the question? 

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