Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mediocre Community

Yesterday, I wrote about the need to save our groups from BAD community. After working on this idea last night, I realized that we don't need saving from bad community. Most of us know that we don't want bad community. We need saving from mediocre community. We need to develop ways to break out of settling for mediocrity. Here are a few ideas that might help break the the cycle:

• Fast and pray. Don't do this alone. Get with a few other members and seek God's face for the group.
• Each group member take a week to think about what they want from the group and then come back and talk about the desires of the heart that each one has.
• Find a service project to do together.
• Talk about a friend in need that the group can begin to pray for and serve.
• When talking about the Bible in the group, get to life application as quickly as possible. Move out beyond the head and allow the Bible to touch your heart. On a similar note: refuse to assume that a new Bible study will change things up. I'm not against Bible studies.
• Have a game night, with no Bible study or anything that might be labeled spiritual.
• Have a cook out.
• Go on a retreat together.

If you are stuck in mediocrity, do something different. The same actions will result in the same results. Stir up the pot and ask God to bring new life.

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