Friday, July 1, 2011

Must Reads for Small Group Champions/Teams

When I first started working with groups, there were not many resources of small groups or how to oversee an effective small group system. Now, there are so many, it's hard to keep up. Let me suggest six books released in the last year and a website that will help you establish or build your small group system.

For Developing Groups that have Missional Focus (Unashamedly, these are both by me.)
Missional Small Groups by M.Scott Boren
MissioRelate: Becoming a Church of Missional Small Groups by M. Scott Boren

For Getting People in Your Church Connected in Groups
Small Groups with Purpose by Steve Gladen
Connecting in Communities by Eddie Mosley
• Lots of articles on

For Understanding the Group Dynamics that result in Health and Growth
Small Group Big Impact by Jim Egli and Dwight Marable
Make Your Group Grow by Josh Hunt

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