Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There are No Prayer Experts, ... but we think they exist

Everyone is a prayer novice.

With that in mind, take a deep breath and relax. Yes. I mean just that. Take a deep breath and let any pressure you feel about prayer or being spiritual roll off of you.

It does not matter if you are a brand new Jesus follower or if you have seen God work great miracles through your prayers. The difference between the two is microscopic when compared to the vastness of God. It’s like a grasshopper comparing itself with an ant. However when you set both next to an elephant, the differences in size fall away.

Sometimes, we compare our prayers with those of others. Some seem so comfortable with prayer. They say the right words. They refer to scriptures. They might even express passion as they pray. I remember praying with a few people years ago and voiced a short, somewhat tentative request. After we said our “amens” a guy in the group corrected my theology regarding my prayers. He told me that my prayers did not quite get what God was all about. I guess he was the grasshopper.

Isn’t this ridiculous? Even if I am a grasshopper prayer-er, what difference does it make? Why would I being looking at myself in comparison to others when we are trying to connect with the maker of the universe? Why would I have anything to take pride in when we are talking about prayer as the call to get to know someone that cannot be fully comprehended?

When it comes to prayer, there are no experts.

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