Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Are Moving to Texas

In 18 days, we will be loading up our furniture and heading to Texas. My last day of serving on the staff at Woodland Hills Church will have sadly passed. I'm still living in a bit of shock. We have been in Minnesota for six years, but now we are heading back to Houston, Texas. My wife, Shawna, will the the Leadership Development Pastor at Hosanna Church in West Houston, and I will be serving the same church as a part-time equipping pastor. The departure saddens us but excited about this shift of the winds of the Spirit.

Because my new role is part-time, what will I be doing with the rest of my time? I will be developing my work as a consultant, trainer, writer, and editor, and I will be doing some ghost-writing. Over the last 18 years, all my consulting and training work has been on the side. But now it is moving front and center. So if you know of anyone who needs a trainer/consultant in the areas of small group systems, missional church empowerment, or missional small groups, please pass this post on to them.

If you are interested in some of the specific ways that I can serve a church or a group of churches, please feel free to visit here.

If you care to pray for us, please pray that we are able to end well and in peace. Shawna preaches and then I preach. I am completing three different writing projects for the church and there are tons of smaller things that must be completed. Then we have to finish packing while dealing with four kids during a time of transition.


Anonymous said...

moving is no small feat - best wishes!

Anonymous said...

ChiroWay and your MN Chiropractor will miss you guys! Best of luck in TX!