Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baseball Matters and Mission Matters

I must admit that baseball is my favorite sport. Sometimes I wonder if circumstances had been different if I could have made it in the sport. But alas, I am just an admirer of the game and those who stumble along to excel at this difficult game. Recently, I realized how the game of baseball is a kind of parable for how the Kingdom of God is manifest. Here are some reasons:
  • Baseball games happen almost every day, as opposed to less frequently in most other sports. It's not about huge up times followed by long periods of down times.
  • Baseball is comprised of tons of small, almost imperceivable actions stacked on top of one another. Games are won and lost based on these small things, not on big huge, spectacular moments.
  • Success in baseball depends upon those who can deal with failure the best. Think about it: if a hitter is successful 1/3 of the time, he will be in the Hall of Fame.
  • Baseball allows individuals to stand out and contribute their unique talents in obvious ways.
  • It makes room for average player to have their better than average moments.
  • Superstar players cannot carry a team to victory on a consistent basis. In fact, two or three superstars on the same team is not enough. Too many players are needed to play all of the roles that are required to win at this sport.

Kingdom life practiced in missional community:
  • is an everyday thing,
  • is comprised of small actions of love,
  • depends upon how people respond to failure,
  • makes room for individuals to offer their gifts,
  • and puts those with stand-out gifts on a team.

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