Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King Jesus Gospel #1

I'm reading Scot McKnight's latest The King Jesus Gospel. I love this book already and I'm only a 25% through it. Because I think that what Scot is saying is so crucial for the Evangelical Church if it is going to advance down the missional road, I'm going to blog as I am reading it, rather than waiting till I complete it.

Thus far the strength of Scot's argument is to give us some new language to understand ourselves as evangelicals. Don't worry, he is not attacking the need for having a salvation/conversion experience, he is instead challenging the idea that the Gospel=Salvation. Since the word "evangelical" has its roots in the Greek word for "gospel", we can easily assume that we practice church in an gospel-centered way. Instead he invites us to consider that we are really a "salvation culture" instead of a "gospel culture." Because of our myopic focus on the salvation/conversion experience, we have stripped the "gospel" down to mean "get saved."

If you are like me and grew up with an invitation for salvation at the end of all three services each week—even thought the pastor knew very well that everyone in the room had already walked the aisle and had been baptized—then you need to think through this book with me. While the conversion experience is crucial, Scot helps us see how the gospel is much bigger than that. Get this book and read it. TODAY!

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