Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hospitality, Generosity, and No Vengeance

What do you think about this video:

This video of the imminent Old Testament scholar, Walter Brueggemann is poignant because it gives us an imagination about the kind of people God was calling the Israelites to be as a contrast to life under Pharaoh's rule and the early Christians to be in contrast to life under Caesar's rule. It points us to life in the Kingdom and God's rule. It points us to missional living and it points us toward missional leadership.

Three practices are identified. The first two, hospitality and generosity, relate to my post about missional leadership Make Time to Waste Time. The reason we make space in our lives is to create energy, time and emotional space to be hospitable and generous. We need to be shaped by patience so that we can demonstrate hospitality to others.

They also relate to my post entitled Be Present in the Neighborhood. Hospitality and generosity shape the way we are present with people in our neighborhood.

The third practice mentioned in the video "refusing to be vengeful" looks ahead to the next practice of Missional leaders. I call it Prepare to Fight.

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