Monday, January 30, 2012

Deep Wisdom for Leading Community

I wish every small group leader and every leader of a missional community would watch this short video and listen--really listen--to these words. Jean Vanier understands community, leadership and ministry at a depth that challenges us to slow down and reflect on the way we minister to others. His perspective has been shaped through the school of ministry. This is not theory. It's a lived experience. It's deep wisdom, not just another trick or strategy for growing your group.

If you listen to these words, they will penetrate your heart. You will have to sit with them because you will not immediately know what to do with them, but you will sense the Spirit speaking with deep wisdom.

If we want our small groups (or whatever you call your community gatherings) to go beyond being a Bible study and enter into a shared life that demonstrates and experiences the character and compassion of Jesus, we need to be shaped by this kind of wisdom.

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