Friday, January 27, 2012

Small Group Leadership—The Control Approach

What kind of group leader are you? Some leaders are quite passive and let the group meander wherever it wants. Some leaders take the opposite approach. They control everything that goes on in the small group, much like that found in this little clip from The Office:

What are the results of controlling leadership in a small group?

Why do leaders feel the need to be controlling?

How does controlling leadership hinder God's mission through the group?


Greg said...

According to Peck's stages, the controlling leader / authoritarian type will keep us from actually engaging the chaos, emptying ourselves and moving into community...forever settling for the shallow alternative of what we might call here West Michigan Nice.

Scott Boren said...

Great comment Greg. Peck's stuff on chaos and conflict deals with issues often left unstated in most of our small group conversations about conflict. Thx