Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life Back in Minnesota

Last June, we  moved back to Minnesota after almost two years in Houston. I've been so busy writing about other things that interest me that I've not jotted down this fyi. Now that my revisions are done on my next book, I thought it time to send this out. We  thoroughly enjoyed our Summer and Fall and we have endured the long cold of a great MN Winter. At first, our time was full of beaches—yes Minnesota has lots of beaches—swimming in the pool, walks, and a day at the MN State Fair. Then we got into school and playing in the snow. Over the last eleven months, we've connected with old friends as if we never left and developed new friends that have made life rich. are we doing up here? It's a combination of various things:

I've started a doctoral program at Luther Seminary in Congregational Mission and Leadership.

We are participating in the life of Woodland Hills Church. While I do some contract work with them, we are primarily focused on the way God is calling us to relate as a part of this community. Shawna has preached there three times and she did such an incredible job that she is preaching again in June. Here's the link to a message if you are interested. 

Hot Mamma
Shawna is a stylist at a clothing store called Hot Moma and she is loving it. It's great to see her fulfilled in her work. 

Publishing Consultant
I am doing editorial work for Greg Boyd's ministry ReKnew along with a couple of other ministries. 

I continue to do contract work as a publishing consultant, editor and ghost writer. New doors are already opening up on this front due to the proximity to key clients in the Twin Cities.

The Center for Community & Mission
Shawna and I have started a non-profit ministry so that we can raise money for three things:
  • The development of discipleship and leadership resources that promote healthy community and missional living. The first such resource, Difference Makers, hit bookstores last year. The next we will publish through The Center and it will be available in 2014. I am wrapping up a book entitled Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus for IVP that will be released Feb 2015. Shawna and I will be writing a book together entitled In Search of a Beautiful God.
  • I continue to consult and to coach churches to help them develop small group systems that promote healthy patterns for connecting people while also equipping churches for mission. If you know of a church that needs help with small group development, training in missional church life, or if they need teaching or preaching that relates these areas, here's the link.
  • We are developing video curriculum and training along with additional written resources that will be made available for free when our new website goes public. I'm hoping to get Shawna on more of these since she is so much better than I at the video thing. 
Life is good in the great upper midwest, especially since the sun has come out and the snow is gone. Now it is time to head back to the beaches, parks, and swimming pools.

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